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May 24, 07:02 PDT

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Ignition Coil Pack Module for 08-09 Saturn Astra 1.8L

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1995 Chevrolet Suburban Ignition Module Replace

This video shows how to replace the ignition module on a 5. 7L Distributor Ignition (DI) in a 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe.

  • Daniel H

    1996 crown victoria ignition control module location?

    I bought a new Ignition Control Module and I can not locate to old one to replace it. Autozone said it was in the engine compartment on the rear of the driver's side wheel well, but i have not found anything on the wheelwell that looks like it.

    The ignition control module is integrated within the powertrain control module. It is not a separately replaceable component. Description and Operation. * The Ignition Control.

  • krazygirl455

    I have a 00' honda civic that just shut down.Timing is fine, replaced ignition module..need help...?

    just won't start. The battery is fine. The engine cranks but won't start. The timing belt is fine and so is the distributor.

    The ignition module rarely fails on a Honda. More often its the ignition coil. Did you check to see if you have spark. if you don't have spark, its most likely the coil followed by the coil wire.

  • Jim S-000z87

    Why Does My 1970 Chevy Pickup Burn The Ignition Module?

    Why does my 1970 chevorlet pick-up burn the ignition module after running it for a few minutes.

    Well as said the '70 came with points ign. So I'm guessing you installed an HEI. Did you use the same hot wire to powert he HEI with. If so thats one prob, that wire has a ballest on it and.

  • Wayne Peters

    How do I know my ignition module is going bad?

    What purpose does it serve in the ignition system. 88 ford e350 5. 8.

    The ignition module is an electronic switch that "activates" or switches the ignition coil on and off to produce spark. If you are losing spark then it could be a faulty ignition module or pick-up.

  • ACES

    where is the ignition control module?

    I have a 1989 for F150 2wd 5. Im trying to find the ignition control module. My truck starts and runs for about 10 min and then shuts off, sometimes it wont start at all. New cap,rotor,plugs,wire fuel pump,filter,air filter,sensors, I jsut.

    its inside of the distributor. Remove the distributor cap from the distributor, and set it aside (spark plug wires still connected). Disconnect the harness connector. Remove the.

  • rubberduck22

    my car has been hesitating...ignition module?

    My car, 1998 Saturn SL1, has been hesitating, like a hiccup when i hit the gas sometimes. When I took it to a shop, they said I need a new ignition module, because it was miss-firing, coils, and spark plugs (4 cylinder engine). Also, I need a.

    Wow, you can take the control module off yourself and take it to the parts store and they can check it for you, but if it were the control module, more than likely it would die while you were.


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